Save & organize your way.

Save interesting articles from desktop or phone, and get back to them quickly when you need. Organize, search or sort to go straight to an article.

For easy and comfort reading, anytime.


Create and organize with folders and have them across devices. Categorize your articles with folders, access all related articles together, quickly.


Search through your articles with criteria you remember. Title, website, author, notes and more.
Only 15 minutes to read now? search for 15.


Sort by recent or older articles, or how long it takes to read each of them, or by their website. Arrange and start reading what matters right now.


Change text size, font, zoom-in, brightness, day/night mode, auto-scroll and more for your ease of reading.


Mark key text as you read. Get those back easily when you refer again, or have them seperately to store or share later.

Make yourself easy to remember or recap whats important to you.


Listen to your articles while you commute, working out, cooking or just relaxing. Let the app read it to you.

Create playlist to listen continuously for a longer time.


Jote down a summary of what you've just read. Capture the gist out of an article while excluding unimportant or repetitive material.

Your summary of lessons learnt, thoughts you got out of the article.

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Browser companions to quickly save & open your articles.

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  • How to save web pages from desktop?

    After logging in, drag 'Read Later' bookmarklet to browser bookmark bar. Whenever you wanted to save a web page you are in, click this bookmarklet.

  • How can I have saved pages offline on desktop?

    With PaperSpan Chrome extension. It automatically syncs & downloads saved pages for offline. So can read them later offline on computer.

  • How PaperSpan differs from browser bookmarking facility ?

    Saving every page we find interesting makes bookmarking clutter and hard to manage. In addition, a bookmark saved on a browser might not be available on another browser or computer.

    All links saved on PaperSpan are available online. So can be accessed on any browser or computer and from Android App.

  • Why 'No images for offline' option on Android?

    If this option is selected, all images within pages will not be downloaded for offline. As we skip images for download, this saves data usage significantly as images are usually of more size.

  • How to delete or share a page I read on Android?

    All action on a page (Delete, Download, Add to playlist, Move to Folder, Share) will be displayed on topbar by "Long pressing" a page from list.

    When you delete a page, it will be removed from list as well as from SD Card(If a;ready downloaded).

  • How to have a constant full screen while reading a page on Android App?

    Uncheck "Auto fullscreen" option on Settings, and double tab on Reading screen when you need a constant fullscreen.

  • I do not find my Highlights and Notes online at

    Highlight, Notes and Advanced search are currently available only from Android App. We are looking to place them online as well, but as we are busy with Android version it might take some more time. Please excuse us.

  • How to save web pages from Android app?

    Tap share option from browser or any other app, and Tap PaperSpan's 'Read Later' option. The page will be saved to your PaperSpan account. Optionally will download it offline if chosen so on Settings.

  • How to use text highlight?

    While reading a page, long press on text. Select all text you want to highlight then Tap Highlight Icon on top bar revealed.

    To delete/share a highlight, go to Highlights screen and Long press the highlight. Tap delete/share option on top bar revealed.

  • How to find if a page is already downloaded?

    If a page is downloaded successfully, a download icon will display for that page in the list. In case a page you need is not downloaded already, you can download it manually by 'Long press > Download' option.

  • How remove or share a highlight I already saved on Android?

    Go to Highlights Screen from Home. Long press the highlight and tap delete or share option on top bar revealed.

  • Does downloading offline happens automatically?

    Yes. By default recent 20 pages will be downloaded(If not already) automatically when app opens up. Disabling auto download or changing to a different number of pages is possible through app settings.

  • Any limit on how many articles, highlights or notes I can save ?

    There is no limit and we do not intend to. We value your knowledge and wanted to support it as much as we can. But you can't do abusive things like trying to save unreasonable large amount of text, or using automated machine programs to abuse the system. Read the Terms of service for more details.

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